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Think, Pair, Share

Think, Pair, Share is a structure first developed by Professor Frank Lyman at the University of Maryland in 1981 and adopted by many writers in the field of co-operative learning since then. It introduces into the peer interaction element of co-operative learning the idea of ‘wait or think’ time, which has been demonstrated to be a powerful factor in improving student responses to questions

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Music Really Plays in ESL Classes


If English as a Second Language instructors want to stimulate active student learning of pronunciation, grammar, or even culture, music is a fine way to reach those aims.

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Preparing a Life Resume

A friend recently sent me an e-mail. She was doing battle with a scanner, and the scanner was winning. Although I am the resident techie at my school, I'm afraid I wasn't much help to my friend, but I did encourage her to keep working at it-the time would be well-spent, because I had no doubt she'd eventually win the scanner war (she did!).

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The importance of being earnest

These are some famous quotes from " The importance of being earnest " - a farce in three acts by Oscar Wilde [ first performed in 1895 ].



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Emotion, memory, and stories

THE USE OF STORIES IS A POWERFUL TOOL that aids in material retention, but methodologies of inclusion are rarely discussed. The desire to share emotions and effect the emotional states of others drives us to tell and retell stories.

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